In 2016, The Satanic Temple​ (TST) generated nationwide controversy with the roll-out of its After School Satan Club (ASSC) campaign, placing openly Satanic clubs in public schools to counterbalance what TST sees as a coercive presence of Evangelical extracurricular clubs in public schools. After a successful first year, ASSC is back, and it promises to be much bigger than before.

“Last year, the After School Satan Club curriculum was only offered in school districts where local chapters of The Satanic Temple could manage and maintain them,” explains Chalice Blythe, National Director for The Satanic Temple’s ASSC campaign. “In that time, we received a flood of emails from parents, educators, and other qualified parties who were interested in operating After School Satan Clubs in schools near them. This year, we have made our curriculum available to this volunteer network, and we expect to see a much larger After School Satan Club presence in 2017. Our curriculum has also been revised by qualified experts in education to provide a reason-based, fun alternative to the evangelical indoctrination clubs already present in the schools. This year’s After School Satan Club is going to be even better and much bigger.”

The ASSC campaign was created specifically to offer an alternative to other religious clubs that seek to indoctrinate children after school, particularly the Good News Club, an Evangelical Fundamentalist club run by the Child Evangelism Fellowship. According to the ASSC website, “Proselytization is not our goal, and we’re not interested in converting children to Satanism. However, we feel that our presence in schools that are burdened with the loathsome stink of the Good News Clubs serves an anti-indoctrination function, illustrating to children that opposing religious perspectives can be held by moral and responsible people who don’t live in fear of divine retribution. We think it’s a positive and strong character-developing lesson that we are happy to deliver.”

Those interested in volunteering to operate an ASSC should contact The Satanic Temple at: To help support The Satanic Temple efforts to expand the ASSC program, please visit