For Infernal Use Only post regarding the recent coverage of The Satanic Temple After School Satan Club

“Our aim is to do two things: address the need that was created by Evangelical groups coming into public schools and turning

National Program Director for After School Satan Club, Chalice Blythe

them into their pulpits and to make the public aware that religious groups are trying to erase the church/state divide.”

The Satanic Temple After School Satan Club was recently discussed on the latest episode of the Jim Jefferies Show as a counterbalance to harmful Evangelical programs such as the Good News Clubs.

The After School Satan Club has recently announced its volunteer program, which allows vetted individuals to apply and run ASSC’s in their schools that are currently plagued with Good News Clubs. Our enrollment is always open and we are currently in the process of setting up clubs around the country, if you are interested in applying for your own you can email us at

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