The Roskruge Bilingual K-8 School in Tucson is one of eight schools that received a written proposal to establish an After School Satan Club on Monday, and on Tuesday, lawyers for the Tucson Unified School District demanded that the Satanic Temple remove the school’s name from its website. The temple listed Roskruge as a place where it has offered to present its curriculum, but the district argues that no club has been approved there.

Roskruge’s principal, Jose Olivas, sent a voice mail and an email to parents assuring them that the proposed club “does not currently meet the minimum requirement of having a faculty sponsor.”

“The curriculum is positive and educational, and the only disruption would be caused by the naysayers,” De Haan says. “The Satanic Temple has the same rights as the Good News Clubs, which is the very organization that forced public elementary schools to open their doors to religion in the first place.”