Adversus - the unofficial TST newsletter is a wonderful contribution created by a valued member of TST.

Check out the archives for a Group Directory with tons of useful information about TST chapters around the globe!

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Adversus #4 is now available online. You can read it now at the Nefarium Press website! The primary focus of this issue takes us across the Atlantic to see what TST and affiliates are up to on the European continent with a pair of informative interviews and more!

In this Issue:

* "HORNS ACROSS EUROPE": An interview with Cain Abaddon about TST's growing spread in Europe.

* "RULE SATANNIA": An interview with Zeke Apollyon, founder of TST London & UK.

* "MONUMENTAL ARROGANCE": Jason Rapert violates the Establishment Clause again in Little Rock, Arkansas.

* "MENSTRU-HATIN' SATAN": At least one offended Christian tries to sabotage a TST charity drive in Arizona.

* "SUN, SAND, AND SATAN": The new Santa Cruz chapter adopts a popular Californian beach.

Plus all the rest you're accustomed to in every issue.

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