The Satanic Temple-Arizona FAQ

Does TST AZ offer any public "services" (i.e - Church, sermons)?
The Satanic Temple does not proselytize to the public, nor do we wish to have anyone succumb to religious group-think by having our leadership preach from the pulpit. Such traditions belong to religions which are not of the Left Hand Path and are usually rife with herd conformity, lack of reason, and supernaturalism. Modern Satanism is an individual path that demands study of the practitioner and requires independent thought. Worship is antithetical to Satanism and we worship no beings, save ourselves. One does not need membership to a larger Satanic organization to claim the title of "Satanist", as it is a a coming-home philosophy that resonates with those that practice it daily. Those who are interested to learn more about Satanism are invited to look over TST's "Recommended Reading List" and TST AZ's YouTube channel that includes a number of informational videos.

TST AZ does host the occasional public event that sometimes includes a form of ritual. Keep your eyes peeled for those announcements throughout our social media.

TST AZ, as are all other chapters under The Satanic Temple, is a grassroots movement comprised of volunteers. TST AZ welcomes those who support The Satanic Temple's mission and who believe in our 7 Fundamental Tenets. TST AZ's Council leadership self-identify as Satanists but it is not a requirement for our membership to do the same. TST AZ's membership is comprised of Satanists, free-thinkers, atheists, humanists, and anyone who believes in TST's mission for religious pluralism against a looming theocracy.

Where does TST AZ Meet?
There are no physical locations for TST Chapters, save The Satanic Temple Headquarters in Salem, MA. As a grassroots movement comprised of volunteers, TST AZ members and allies choose to meet in public places like coffee shops, restaurants, and other public spaces where members and allies can enjoy each other's company, discuss Satanism, or other TST news.

The bulk of TST AZ members are located in Tucson and Phoenix, however the Chapter is always looking for interested volunteers in other cities to assist in TST campaigns. TST AZ has occasional gatherings between various cities within the state, which are posted to our Google Calendar here on the website and throughout our social media. We invite our friends and allies to subscribe to the occasional TST AZ Newsletter here.

The Arizona Chapter of The Satanic Temple hopes to have gatherings across our great state but lack the resources to do so. TST AZ is looking for local volunteers to help coordinate with sympathetic businesses in their area in hopes to find a friendly venue to host one of our events or donation dropboxes. Any assistance we get from the public in this endeavor is highly appreciated.

Are there any age restrictions to joining TST AZ?
TST AZ will not accept anyone that is under 18 years old, regardless of parental permission. Most TST AZ events are also 21+, which may hinder anyone younger than that from participating in certain activities. Parents are also discouraged from indoctrinating their children into Satanism, as it is an individual path that requires study on behalf of the practitioner, not through parental imposition.

I’ve done my homework and want to get involved with TST AZ. What’s next?
Allies are welcome to show their support by attending TST AZ public events, purchasing merchandise, donating to our charitable campaigns, and interacting with our membership online in TST AZ's Facebook group.

TST AZ Official Membership is extended only to those that have shown consistent participation and passed an initial vetting process by TST AZ's Council. This can be accomplished in multiple ways, such as: 1) Introducing yourself to members of our tight-knit community either online or by attending local gatherings. 2) Showing interest in participating in TST's National Campaigns and TST AZ's local campaigns.

Referral from another member or ally is also helpful. Please view the "Official Membership Requirements" and "Contribute" pages for more information.

I am too far away to attend your events but still wish to join TST AZ.
If your membership application passes, you will be asked to have a audio/video meeting with TST AZ's Council. If you wish to join without doing any work, you may join as a national member of The Satanic Temple and support our actions by clicking HERE.

What does it cost to join?
Nothing in terms of monetary spending. TST AZ does have a participation requirement of one action every six months as explained in our Membership Requirements.

New to Satanism and/or the Left Hand Path?
You should minimally understand what TST is, and what TST is not. We are not an educational organization. We love to learn and share our knowledge with each other, but we are not here to teach you about Satanism. TST generously shares knowledge, resources, and original content through our sites and social media. We don’t expect you to be an expert, but we do assume you are self-motivated when it comes to learning. The more obvious it is that you are putting in effort to learn, the more likely it is that people will be willing to help you learn more. If you are not sure where to start, check out the following reading lists: The Satanic Temple Library

Many Satanists first began with the Satanic Bible, written by Anton LaVey founder of the Church of Satan, which is an entirely different organization- one that we are happy to deviate from. Although the Satanic Bible is a good start, we recommend these works as well.

Coming from a Western LHP, esoteric, or initiatory inclination?
As Satanists we embrace our outsider status and take pride in our heterodox views, perceptions, and positive assertion of our values. As a 21st century emergence our lineage is rich and complex, with Classical, Enlightenment, Modernist, and Postmodern influences. Esotericism and occultism are in the mix, yet, our Satanism is derived from the Miltonic-Romantic and French Decadent literary traditions, and is thus primarily political, intellectual, and artistic at its core. Our community supports a diverse range of interests, and each member is encouraged to develop their personal practice/path.

I am not a Satanist, but I support what you do. Can I still become an official chapter member?
Maybe. We also have a lot of friends and allies that are not formal chapter members, but are part of our community. Interested applicants must display a genuine interest in helping TST AZ grow by volunteering their time and effort to our campaigns. TST AZ has a number of members that do not self-identify as Satanists but have become essential to the chapter's progress.

All are welcome to become national members of The Satanic Temple, no purchase is necessary. Those who wish to have proof of their membership can do so by purchasing a membership card for $25. To view membership options on a national level, please visit The Satanic Temple website.

How can I visit the temple or attend a meeting?
TST AZ does not have a temple or offer public services of any kind. The Salem Art Gallery in Salem, MA is our HQ and is open to the public. TST AZ member meetings are private and reserved for those in the Council or Official Members. The Arizona Chapter hosts public gatherings as part of our ongoing community building where all are welcome to attend. These events are posted to this website and our social media.

Can inmates become official members of TST AZ?
Due to the requirements of consistent communication and attendance, TST AZ does not accept official member applications from incarcerated applicants. Upon release, former inmates are encouraged to attend TST AZ events to meet the council and reapply when they are able to meet the requirements for membership. Depending on the severity of the crime, former inmates may be barred from becoming official members of the Arizona Chapter.

All are welcome to become national members of The Satanic Temple, no purchase is necessary. Those who wish to have proof of their membership can do so by purchasing a membership card for $25. To view membership options on a national level, please visit The Satanic Temple website.

Do you offer care packages with reading material for those interested in The Satanic Temple?
The Satanic Temple has not canonized any Satanic literary works, but chooses to let those interested in Satanism find their own path through the plethora of works already available. TST AZ does not have the resources to supply those interested with reading material, however, many Satanic works can be found online, at your local occult shop, and some bookstores. There is a wealth of material to choose from and a few of the more popular titles can be found at The Satanic Temple Library.

Do you offer any services or sponsorships for incarcerated members?
The Satanic Temple is unable to provide sponsorship to incarcerated members. Despite the wide influence that TST has had in society, TST as a whole is yet a very young organization (est. 2013).  As a grassroots movement comprised of volunteers that does not claim non-profit status, TST is greatly lacking in funds and relies on public donations to continue pursue it's campaigns, which can be viewed here.

The Satanic Temple does not have an official ordination process yet and we currently lack required paperwork required by the state to make religious visits. TST hopes to change this in the future.

Will TST AZ grant me fame, riches, and a path to the Illuminati?
No. No. And again NO. Conspiracy theories such as the Illuminati have no real ties to Satanism. The Satanic Temple works hard to debunk conspiracy theories, those often associated with the Satanic Panic of the 80's and 90's through our Grey Faction campaign.