Fellow Satanists, Godless, and recovering Christians,

Tonight we gather to be cleansed. From birth, each of us has been imposed upon by an arbitrary faith that was meant to control our actions, our self-image, our spirits, and our minds. A faith that, if shed, could bring us shame, disownment, social stigma, or professional consequence.

For most of us, this faith requires a belief that our actions, our victories, and our failures are not from within but from above. We are required to bow to a tyrannical entity and both beg for his grace and grovel for their mercy. For it is they who wears a crown of thorns whom without consent claims to suffer for our actions. Tonight, we ourselves don the crown of thorns for it is we who are responsible for our actions. It is we who shall revel in our victories, and suffer our own defeats. For it is we alone who guide our destinies.

Tonight we shed our gowns of white. Garb that represents baseless purity cast upon us by false morals. Morals that teach us shame and guilt. For our bodies are invioable, subject to one’s will alone. We come before you to revel in the joy of revealing our true selves. Shedding with our gowns our imposed faiths, and the carnal chains that comes with them. To embraces our fallible humility and to share in the glory of possibility.

Finally, we indulge. To deny oneself earthly pleasure, is to open oneself to compulsion in action. We do not feign to drink the blood of deity, but to engage in the revelry that we refuse to deny ourselves. To reclaim the morbid symbolism and therefore cast out the dogma that it represents. To find freedom in one’s blasphemy is to find oneself.

Here, now, we embrace the name as Satan not as our God, but as our symbol of eternal rebellion against tyranny of spirit and mind. We claim our inherent right to personal sovereignty and morality. We are here to cleanse ourselves of our previous submissions and in doing so, we are reborn into our chosen life led by Satanic ideals of liberty, justice, benevolence, empathy, and common sense.

It is done, Hail Satan!

Special Thanks to Those that collaborated with us on this event:
Dana House- the owner of The Quarry. Your bar is wonderfully welcoming with excellent food and the most intricate Bloody Mary we have ever seen!
Magic Kenny Bang Bang– for giving our members a spooky-great show at his place The Bisbee Seance.
Serena Rose and Mike Ludovici– for providing the necessary atmosphere and ethereal sounds. Your music truly made this ritual!
Suzanne M. Walsh- for providing visual stimulation and eye-candy with her sensual fire dancing performance. It was an excellent warm up!
The Spiderhole– for the spectacular show. Your music fit right in with our crowd finale

We thank everyone who attended A Satanic Cleansing in Bisbee, Arizona, especially those that participated in the Ritual portion. As you can see from the speech we gave during the event, a ritual can be something symbolic to commemorate a special event in one’s life. However, we use theatrics and psychodrama in this ritual to symbolize the shedding of imposed arbitrary faiths and the burden that comes with it. The ritual was a way for people to find a sense of community with others that feel the same way and wish to make an open declaration. We had an excellent turnout!