The Satanic Temple - Arizona Presents: 7 Deadly Sins Art Show.

Come one, come all for an artistic rendition of man's greatest attributes featuring local Tucson/Arizona artists, as well as artists from around the country who are also part of The Satanic Temple.

Doors will open at 6pm on Saturday, February 3rd.
Entry to the art show is FREE but donations will be kindly accepted at the door. All donations aid in funding future TST AZ events and community outreach endeavors.

There will be two exhibit areas for guests to peruse the available art:

The first exhibit will be a silent auction. Attendants are to write their bid for the select pieces they wish to purchase. Winners will be announced at 9PM.

The second exhibit will have already priced art pieces. Funds collected from this exhibit will go directly to the respective artists.

Bidding winners and those who wish to purchase any art pieces are to have their preferred method of payment available and will be required to pay before leaving the show. Methods of payment that will be accepted: cash, card, and PayPal.

To RSVP on Facebook, click HERE

ART SHOW DATE is February 3rd, 2018
ART SUBMISSION DEADLINE is January 20th, 2018

However, artists that submit their pieces to us early will have the opportunity to be spotlighted here on our website and on the Facebook event page.

We are grateful to all participating artists and hope to draw attention to all of their masterpieces by showing off all of their works.


ANY inquiries/submissions sent elsewhere will likely not get a response.

Please feel free to share this information with artists you know who you think may be interested. But make sure they have all the information above.

Click HERE to see some of the art pieces from that night