“It’s great that people in our community are wanting to pick up trash. I thought, ‘Wow! Okay. Great. Good. We need more people involved in our city,’” McCormick said, talking about his initial reaction to the news. “Let’s maybe not complain as much and let’s get busy doing the same.”

It’s not the reaction you might expect from the religious leader of the NewLife Baptist Church.

He’s a man with widely different viewpoints and beliefs than those of the Satanists. They are as polar opposite as light and dark in most all aspects.

“There’s a lot of Golden Rule type stuff, like in any other religion. It’s very individualistic, in general – Satanism – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do stuff because it makes you feel good or do stuff because you just want to,” de Haan said. “We all live in this community. Nobody wants to see it trashed up, no matter what your faith is.”

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