Month: March 2018

Phoenix Pride Parade with TST AZ

The Satanic Temple- Arizona Chapter will be walking Phoenix Pride Parade 2018! TST AZ looks forward to celebrating with our LGBTQ family and friends. Let's show the community that we are diverse, fabulous, loud and...

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Menstruatin’ with Satan: Charity Campaign 2018

The Satanic Temple - Arizona Chapter is looking for new locations to host a Menstruatin with Satan dropbox! Please let us know if your local business would like to participate in collecting menstrual donations for disadvantaged people in Southern Arizona. For more information click HERE To see how well last year's Menstruatin' with Satan campaign went, click HERE After weeks of planning The Satanic Temple - Arizona Chapter is ready to launch our charity campaign known as Menstruatin With Satan starting March 1st-June 1st 2018. In collaboration with the YWCA Southern Arizona- Frances McClelland Community Center and their #ProjectPeriod...

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Highway to Hell Road Cleanup

The first tenet of The Satanic Temple states that “[o]ne should strive to act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason,” and it is with this in mind that the Arizona chapter has taken up its latest community action. Every year litter and road debris poisons waterways and soil, is consumed by wildlife, and causes 25,000 accidents across the country. In Arizona, we clear 590 tons of trash at a cost $3,000,000 and 150,000 hours of labor. It is our chapter’s wish to help other Arizonans enjoy a clean and beautiful state. Over the course...

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