Month: August 2017

Satan in the Park 3 – Public Meeting

Greetings TST AZ members and allies!             Greetings TST AZ members and allies! Come one, come all! For a casual potluck dinner with your friendly neighborhood Satanists. The Satanic Temple - Arizona Chapter is looking forward to meeting those who would like to get more involved within the chapter. Please bring a food item to share with the rest of the attendants. Feel free to post what you will be bringing so we can have all of our bases covered. The event is BYOB for 21+. Please bring cans and not glass. No hard...

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Damned at the Dam – Video and Pictures

Destruction Ritual: A cathartic release of negative emotions attached to an item through its physical destruction The Council of The Satanic Temple Arizona Chapter performed this ritual with participation from attendees of the Damned at the Dam event on June 17th. This ritual was inspired by the Black Mass hosted by The Satanic Temple -Los Angeles Chapter hosted last January. At the end of the ritual, participants burned or destroyed items that held personal significance that harbor negative feelings or connotations. The purpose of this ritual was to acknowledge that arbitrary and often detrimental ties can manifest in physical...

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Menstruatin’ with Satan – A Success!!

The Menstruatin' with Satan campaign was honored to have collaborated with the YWCA's Project Period by collecting donations to a cause that seldom gets addressed, and that is to give disadvantaged people safe and sanitary access to menstrual supplies such as pads, tampons, feminine wipes, and menstrual cups. The Satanic Temple stresses the importance of acknowledging our non-binary and trans friends who do not identify as women but who, nonetheless, still deserve equal access to the necessary care during menses. We cannot thank our donors enough for their contributions! In total we collected: 64 boxes of tampons 110 boxes...

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