Month: April 2017

The Satanic Temple’s Guidelines for Effective Protest

The Satanic Temple’s Guidelines for Effective Protest  Protest is an act of free speech, and protesters must respect free speech Free speech does not include the right to harass, slander, or incite violence Being offended is not the same as being harassed; The Satanic Temple offends many people because they are offended by Satan, but that does not give others the right to silence us If you think people should not have the right to offend others, then you should not be involved with protest because that assertion offends The Satanic Temple      Have a clearly articulated position with...

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Satan in the Park 2

Satan in the Park 2 was a success! Lots of new faces showed up and tons of food was shared among friends. The Satanic Temple – Arizona Chapter is looking forward in establishing a solid Satanic community within our state. In addition to our occasional picnics at the park and parties at a bar, we look forward to hosting bookclubs and lectures in the near future for those that would like to learn more about the Left Hand Path and Satanism. The Satanic Temple is known for our political activism because that is what the media covers, however, we...

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TST – Grey Faction Protest Unethical Therapists

Grey Faction Beginning in 1980 and roughly dated to have ended around 1995, the modern witch-hunt known to sociologists as the “Satanic Panic” was marked by a temporary mainstream acceptance of absurd and irrational conspiracy theories related to Satanic Cult mind-control and Ritual Abuse. Countless lives were ruined as courts — influenced by pseudoscientist mental health “experts” — accepted “recovered memory” testimony, no more credible than “memories” similarly “recovered” for alleged victims of alien abduction or offered by believers in Past Life Regression. Fraud “occult crime” investigators offered testimony to the reality of a hidden Satanic threat that, in...

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The Devil’s Den, A Look Inside The Salem Art Gallery

By Sarah Lyons Dirge Magazine By Salem, Massachusetts standards, The Salem Art Gallery is a fairly unassuming building from the outside. Located in the northern part of “The Witch City,” the simple Victorian building doesn’t boast about the dark treasures within. Decorated with red curtains, and clean, white walls, the interior feels like you’ve walked onto the set of a 1960s Occult horror film, which is probably intentional, since The Gallery is the new official headquarters for The Satanic Temple. “The building was donated to us,” Ash Astaroth of The Satanic Temple tells me. “It’s been a funeral home...

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