Month: January 2016

Phoenix Lawmakers Battle Satanic Temple Over Ceremonial Prayer

“If they want to commit a constitutional violation, we will respond in turn,” leader Stu De Haan, a Tucson criminal defense lawyer, told the station. “This is clearly discriminatory and targeting one group.”- TIME article below The Satanic Temple is very thankful to the City of Phoenix Commission on Human Relations for issuing their statement earlier today, here is just a few key paragraphs from that statement: “If we, as a City, are going to allow for the inclusion of religious invocations at the start of our public City Council meetings, then we have an obligation to allow for...

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To Counter Satanic Invocation, Arizona State Rep. Will Hold Prayer Rally to Protect Phoenix

We are regressing as intellectual human beings when we fear that to which we do not know. Take a moment to understand that Satanists do not fear your threats of eternal damnation because we do believe in an afterlife, Satan or your god. We will not be calling on any "dark forces" but rather for reason over the supernatural. Let them sit on their delusions that their prayer rally would have any affect on our actions, while we stand in the name of plurality for every religion that does not receive equal representation within our society!   Read the...

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The Phoenix (AZ) City Council Is Now Trying to Block Satanists from Delivering Invocation Prayers

The biggest misunderstanding is that most people don't know what Satanism actually is. The Satanic Temple is atheistic, we have no deities. Many of your questions may be answered on our website. But the issue is not about what we believe in, it is about plurality and religious liberty no matter what denomination and now the shameful acts of the Phoenix City Council who blatantly discriminate against us by creating new rules to exclude any non-theist from giving any future invocations. "The current system allows groups to call the city clerk’s office to schedule a date. The new...

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Council members move to block Satanic prayer

One of the representatives from the Satanic Temple who was scheduled to give the invocation just learned of the effort to change the policy and says she is disappointed to hear about the effort. "I am disappointed, we just want to have equal time like everybody else," said Michelle Shortt. The changes call for only members of the City of Phoenix to be eligible to give the invocation, as well as having a rotating schedule of council members to pick a group to deliver the invocation. DiCiccio says he hopes the issue can be put to rest with the...

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Devil went down to Phoenix, City Council sees red

"As Phoenix City Attorney Brad Holm said in a statement, “Consistent with the U.S. Supreme Court’s direction, the city cannot dictate religious viewpoints or the content of a prayer.” Imagine that—following the law. Cue the choirs, celestial and otherwise."-excerpt from the...

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